Jobs growth figure higher than expected, with annual wage growth of just 1

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Jobs growth figure higher than expected, with annual wage growth of just 1.1% Annual wage growth rate has fallen in the past few months – with quarterly wage growth falling more than 10% Pensions are now the largest expense for most families, yet it is the number of workers earning more than the pensions which has been consistently falling Average wages have been falling at least since 2003, and are now now at record lows across all sectors The economy is growing at just 1.7% Ahead of the publication of the 2015 Budget, we take a look at some key numbers for 2015, highlighting how the economy is performing – with some striking differences that will matter if the UK faces a future of low growth or even recession. 1. Unemployment In the last year, the number of people out of work has fallen by an estimated 18% – a drop of some 12 million people, on the basis of the latest Labour Force Survey, unemployment rate (employed versus unemployed). 2. Unemployment statistics – what they mean The official version of unemployment figures (called the ‘long-term unemployment figures’) are used by many political parties to try and win an argument in the run-up to any elections. There are two main types of unemployment figures – those which relate to employment, and those which relate to unemployed people who were not working when they turned 30, including self-employed people, the disabled and people under 2카지노 사이트4. For example, the ‘long-term unemployed’ categ예스카지노ory has fallen by 982,000 between October 2014 and June 2015, while the ‘unemployed people in work’ category has fallen by 869,000. But it is important to remember that there is no single statistic that describes all forms of unemployment. There is generally a range between’marginally attached’ and ‘unemployed’. This is the standard employment figures for many sectors of our economy, and has fallen in recent years – showing the impact of the recession. As well as the official unemployment figures, all official data about the workforce is subject to revisions – in particular, as data is updated it needs to be recalculated when we re-assess the long-term unemployed statistic. However, there is a wide range between official unemployment figures and new job forecasts. We also publish a full employment forecast ovapronxer the remainder of 2015.