Cfs volunteers cant attend every car crash mp4

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Cfs volunteers cant attend every car crash mp4

In the US, the biggest victims, people killed by the car involved, are women — in particular, a lot of these accidents happen while women are in cars driving. And women who are involved have a much higher incidence of death by cars.

One of the big issues that we face as a society is that there’s just so much more and so many of these people involved. It’s a very complex issue because I think that what’s most important that we’re talking about these things, what thi우리카지노s study does, is a call바카라 to action and I don’t believe this is a call to action by women to just stop driving and just let society treat them equally and treat them as people. A우리카지노nd if there’s a need for any specific intervention for women who are involved in car crashes, I think that’s an issue that that’s really important to think about.