Council maintains highway bypass stance after bridge collapses

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Council main더킹카지노tains highway bypass stance after bridge collapses. « Our first priority is to keep the roadways safe for the drivers and the pedestrians, » said Department of Public Works spokesperson Susan Peebles. « We’ll do whatever is necessary in our ability to make this project safer. » After the crash, a contractor working on the closure said he saw the crash unfold and a plow-out in the southbound lane of the highway as the bridge had already been closed to traffic. He said the plow-out was likely triggered by the collision between the two vehicles and a second crash that closed the westbound lanes for several minutes on Wednesday. « We can’t have one person die in the middle of the highway. It’s tragic, » said contractor Jeff Anderson, who helped clear the crash scene. Anderson said he was on his 우리카지노way to a meeting when his truck came to a stop and began taking off with his plow-in stuck on the bottom. The road’s pavement was littered with concrete debris. Workers said they knew where the traffic stopped but couldn’t figure out what led up to the crash. After the crash, investigators also discovered that the structure was made of two steel-frame beams that failed during the structure’s construction. WSDOT said no charges were filed against drivers or motorists involved in the accident on Thursday. No one was hurt. « I know where we’re going, and if I hear about more of the crashes like this then I’ll be calling in바카라사이트 more and more drivers to do it as well, » said Mike Strain, owner of The Strain Bar and Grill.