Lawyer says acted within powers not opposing monis bail inquest

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Lawyer says acted within powers not opposing monis bail inque바카라사이트st

The inquest was triggered by an allegation that the police officer was acting in contravention of court procedures, and was ordered after another charge was dismissed.

At the hearing, Judge Martin MacKenzie said the officer was acting in a manner which did not meet the standards of the Police Act 1975 and should not have been given bail.

Mr Justice MacKenzie said the police force should have taken the matter to the Independent Police Complaints Commission but didn’t do so.

A number of community groups, including community organizations in the area, were represented by a group of family lawyers who argued the police failed in its duty to investigate a complaint against Mr Lachlan.

It was said that Mr Lachlan and his sister spent three days in an emergency accommodation before going to the Westpac Reserve in Auckland, because he « had an anxiety problem due to his relationship with his ex-wife ».

When asked by the judge if the police’s investigation of Ms McCrae’s complaint against the officer was 더킹카지노legitimate, the solicitor said they didn’t know about the woman’s complaint but it was made under the « lawful authority of the chief executive ».

« In this event there is no evidence to support the allegation that the incident occurred, » said Mr Justice MacKenzie.

However, after hearing submissions from the police and defence lawyers, Judge MacKenzie found it could not be established there was a law that was not bein바카라사이트g followed.

He said the case was « uniquely and appropriately decided on the basis that the evidence suggests that the police officers actions were a breach of their duty ».

Judge MacKenzie said the incident was serious enough to warrant a bail order and said the police would apply for a conditional bail in the interests of the public’s safety.

However, the hearing judge told the accused that they had shown in their bail application that Mr Lachlan could be found to be « irredeemably dangerous » and that the bail was « not appropriate for the circumstances of the case ».