Vandals spray racist graffiti over temple in China’s Jiangsu province

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Vandals spray racist graffiti over temple in Chin코인 카지노a’s Jiangsu province The vandal has been identified as Zhao Ji, known as « Black Buddha » on the internet. His picture has been widely circulated on the internet and he was arrested with the help of his followers. The graffiti reads: « A group of rich Chinese are selling themselves as human slaves to an American company so they can l바카라 게임ive in luxury. It’s no wonder these poor humans don’에그 벳t have enough money to live. » Image copyright @Buddha_Ji on Twitter Chinese police arrested the 22-year-old man after a video posted on YouTube allegedly showed him walking out of an elevator at a hotel in central Jinan city. He then entered the lobby wearing what appeared to be a t-shirt emblazoned with « black Buddha » and began throwing bottles, with a slogan saying: « White people don’t have no idea what we are doing here today. Come and see. » Later, several women in a hotel were seen in the middle of the street with their faces covered, apparently in a bid to disguise their faces. The group of men left after a « long time », leaving a large pile of glass bottles in the street. Zhao was being held under surveillance by the Jinan authorities and also under investigation by the city’s civil police, according to Chinese media reports.