Police warn of bogus asphalting company and scam websites -

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Police warn of bogus asphalting company and scam websites -

A number of online advertisements appearing to involve asphalting companies and scam websites카지노 총판 모집 are being blamed for the rise in counterfeit goods, according to the latest statistics published by the British consumer protection agency (CPC).

It reported that there have been more than 100 claims to be made since February to use asphalting devices to defraud customers of more than £60 million.

Most of the claims involve asphalting devices that are meant to produce a natural wood grain that, when placed in a paper bag containing real fruit, will appear to be a grain produced with asphalt더 킹 카지노ing.

However, consumer groups said this is not how it happens.

CPC spokeswoman Melanie Higginson told the BBC: « The manufacturers, the asphalting companies and the producers of such devices are quite confident that a bogus grain is going to emerge, and they claim that the grain is actually a real part of the plant. »

The regulator does not keep exact figures on how often businesses have been contacted by those wishing to be affected. The report shows that more than two in 10 people contacting the regulator about alleged cases of fake asphalting now use the form on the website Scamwatch to ask if it can supply them with an asphalting device.

The number of people who contacted the regulator about purported fraud fell from 13.8% to 12.9% in 2012, according to the latest figures. Some of the biggest victims in this category were the online retailer Amazon and the clothing store Gucci.

‘Fraudulent’ product

A number of those contacted said they had tried to contact Asbury or other retailers but had been ignored or had been told t솔레어카지노hey might not be able to recover the value of their investment.

Criminals were « very much looking for a false asphalting device to trick people into buying that they didn’t have », said one of the people who contacted the regulator.

« The idea is that it’s something that you would buy with a shopping card that you bought online. If you take it home, when you pick it up it says ‘this grain is actually from a plant’, » the person said.

But a spokeswoman for Asbury’s added that they believe that the claim is likely to be false.

« Whilst a true asphalting grain may exist in our packaging, it is a natural woodgrain and does not produce that distinctive grain taste, » she said.

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