Council maintains highway bypass stance

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Council maintains highway bypass stance A plan for a highway bypass across the Grand River on Washington Street in Grand Rapids is currently in the making, said City Council members Matt Baker and John Schmitz. The project, announced last month, will reduce traffic at the bridge, allow for more car lanes and improve access for people walking or biking along the bridge. The project was estimated to cost $60 million and would take about two decades to complete. Baker said a plan is under way to open a new interchange with I-94 near the Grand Rapids/Dakota City line, a project that will reduce traffic by more than 80 percent. The new interchange will cut down on congestion on I-94, which currently leads to traffic jams on the downtown north side of Grand Rapids. « The idea is to make the Grand Rapids interchange, which is about the size of an overpass with one northbound lane and four southbound lanes, the only one in the city, » Baker said. « It’s like I-69 from Davenport to Grand Rapids. » Schmitz also said the Grand Rapids River corridor plans are still underway, though the timing is uncertain as the plan will need to be revisited. He said the project could create additional job opportunities as well. « Grand Rapids is a good, small더킹카지노 town in a nice, middle class area, » Schmitz said. « We want to make it work for everyone, not just folks with big cars, to go out and enjoy Grand Rapids and to enjoy what our great river can offer. For that reason, we decided to look at using the I-94 corridor to increase jobs for our area, to enhance our economy and make our economy better for our community and our residents. » The area around the bridge includes several commercial corridors, including the Interstate-40, a downtown area카지노 사이트 lined with stores and restaurants. One plan is to eliminate the highway bypass in order to widen the I-64 southbound to allow cars to go from Michigan Avenue to I-94. Dale L. Hagerty, a member of the Grand Rapids Planning Commission, said he’s not sure the plan will go far enough. « When I think about using the bridge interchange, I mean just to get to that point on the interstate hig더킹카지노hway, that would take three to five years to do, » he said. « I think the highway-bridge is a great idea to use that interchange for. » But Grand Rapids Mayor James C.