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Illawarra; shoalhaven prepare for the worst; Aussies to ‘pay’ to rebuild towns from sea floor

Australia-wide: An ocean of blood and destruction has washed over the land; The Australian’s coverage of Aussie and Australian culture in recent weeks – in pictures Read more

The war’s third anniversary has been marked by a great flood of deaths, and that was no accident. A series of powerful seismic events in 2004, coinciding with the global collapse of the financial system triggered by the financial crisis, meant that the ground rose up and sunk down in front of our eyes as we watched on. The waters rose from a thousand to one and flowed on through the cities of Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef. It’s been five years since those events and the bodies continue to be exposed as the rubble piles up on top of the ruined and eroded structures. The government has responded to this catastrophe by reclamation of all the coastal cities in Indonesia and Australia, which is about to end up as a new world city. The waters recede into the ground. The debris is brought down and buried into vast, abandoned cities.

A new land has been built in the midst of this sea of misery. The old cities of the old, the cities we call home, they are being decimated, and the people who lived there continue to suffer. Many of those who have left their homes do not see their children now, and for that they are for mjarvees.comoney to rebuild and find work, which means, by necessity, some in this new city will be living under the streets or underground, or living우리카지노 by the seaside. Some of them will go to countries of origin where they will be persecuted, and will no longer be welcome. This is the reality that is being revealed as we approach the final days of the war.

As I watch the news of Australia’s recovery from the first phase of the Great Australian Flood, it feels as if it will be just another year. For Australians, it won’t, and this war will continue on as the governments and corporations that perpetrated it continue to pay to rebuild destroyed cities, destroy the land that was once their homes, and create their destinies for the children who will grow up here and in other parts of the world and the children of their children’s children. In the year ahead, I hope that we can help this community to cope.