Ferguson fronts court for the first time since killing of Michael Brown

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Ferguson fronts court for the first time since killing of Michael Brown. (Reuters/Brennan Linsley)

The video, posted to Facebook, shows a white cop dragging a man in a car over the hood of his car, as another white officer holds his breath — his breathing then slowing. As a group of onlookers and camera-toting protesters watch, the officer turns and begins shooting. It’s clear he has lost control of the gun and it hits its mark, the officer’s body jerking and shak더킹카지노ing.

The officer’s name, Mike Brown, is shown lying motionless. The camera continues to film for about four seconds and he is then dead. This is a deliberate, premeditated attack, which is something authorities in Ferguson have warned against, and one 바카라사이트of the main accusations against officer Darren Wilson, whose version of events has been contradicted by video and eyewitness testimony. Wilson, who was on the scene hours after the incident for a pre-trial hearing, has been charged with second-degree murder, and his attorneys, Michael Adkins and Paul Estrada, released a statement this morning saying they hope his acquittal can put a stop to this brutal and shameful episode in American history.

« We as Americans deserve a system that is fair and in line with American values, » said Wilson’s attorney. « This was a horrible killing. It’s a disgrace not only for Darren Wilson, but for the town of Ferguson and America as a whole. If there was a case here of a cop firing and a gun went off then the system would be different, it would be less likely. »

« If he was trying to do what he was trying to do, his actions were wrong, » said Brown’s uncle, Michael Brown Sr., after a news conference.

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The city’s mayor, Robert Scott, had called Wednesday for the department to reinstate the officer who pulled the gun. And it did.

« I do think you have to do that, » Ferguson Councilman Jim Copeland said during a news conference this morning. Copeland noted that the officer, Darren Wilson, is a white officer from another department, so they are in legal dispute.

« We have a constitutional way of policing, » said Copeland,더킹카지노 who added that the shooting was an ambush in which the officer wasn’t defending himself but was responding to a disturbance, the Ferguson Police Department and the Missouri Highway Patrol both said, according to the Associate