Toddler dies after dog attack at home

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Toddler dies after dog attack at home

Police arrest woman in Dogo tape-recording case

Neighbors speak out about dog attack

Authorities released no additional details about the alleged crime scene and the investigation was ongoing Monday night, but neighbors said they were shocked to hear the incident was filmed and released into public.

« She’s one of my friends. I was going to see her tonight, » said Marcy Woodrell, whose dog Bella survived the attack. « I’m pretty sure she was still breathing when we found out about it. She’s one of my best friends. »

Woodrell and her husband, Bill, said they had been watching television the night of the attack but had never imagined that it would be recorded.

« For us, it was just not something you hear about, » she said. « We’re used to things like that happening. »

« It’s shocking, it’s terribjarvees.comle, » Woodrell said. « My dog was still breathing. My husband just had his head down with his shirt on. They should’ve known, if we were watching a little TV at night we wouldn’t have seen it.

« It’s very scary and you don’t know what to do. There is no place for that. »

Cynthia Taylor, who lives in the apartment complex where the incident took place, said she had only heard about it recently.

« It’s sad to hear that a family can lose their dog in the middle of a restaurant and nothing is being done, but it happens, » Taylor said. « We just hope they get justice. Hopefully they can get closure on this as quickly as possible. »

The surveillance camera video from that time period showed three dogs walking in the front yard and one on 더킹카지노a back porch, but no one noticed the dogs when they took off at approximately 11:30 p.m.

When police went to investigate, they found the three dogs and released them back into the neighborhood.

Taylor said she would like to see how surveillance video could have been prevented like the surveillance cameras in the apartment complex on the Southside of Chicago.

« It’s important that the dog owners know that dogs and family should never be subjected to that kind of cruelty. I’m sure that that could have happened to other dogs or family members, b바카라사이트ut nothing was done, » Taylor said. « So I really hope that it was caught, because otherwise, maybe we all would have lost our pets today. »