Alonso leaves hospital following crash

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Alonso leaves hospital following crash The Spanish car maker is in the process of making an announcement about its future plans. In addition, its CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed on Twitter that they will not continue with their hybrid strategy. They will switch to electric cars – what can we do about it? Marchionne also confirmed the news and showed a short video footage. You may notice that the car doesn’t move, you can still see the driver’s hand. The video clips also included a brief announcement from Marchionne and team principal Stefano Domenicali in Spanish, which will go down well with some fans of Formula 1 in Italy. What now for the driver? It is understood that Alonso has left hospital for surgery and that he 바카라will be unable to drive for a month afterwards. If you look closely at the clip, one could see his eyes and tongue move in and out of place. If all the cars were at the same speed, would Alonso have survived the crash? Alonso was driving the Mercedes V8 Vantage at the time of the accident. He had set a lap time of 1.73 seconds, which would have put him fifth and behind Nico Rosberg (1.75), Hamilton (2.04), Felipe Massa (2.11), Kimi Raikkonen (2.36) and Kimi Raikkonen’s teammate Valtteri Bottas (2.48). The German suffered a head injury and later died from his injuries. How did the collision happen? According to sources, the Ferrari driver took the first contact with Raikkonen’s Renault while passing it in sixth gear on lap 22. Raikkonen managed to push him into the barri바카라 게임er on the inside of the circuit, resulting in the other car rolling on to Raikkonen’s tail and onto the barriers. It caused injuries to both drivers and made racing seem even more dangerous than it really was. When Red Bull won the Italian Formula 3 race at Sebring last season, the Italian press likened the incident to that of Alonso’s car on pitstops.