Road tolls boom but effect on traffic congestion up for debate

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Road tolls boom but effect on traffic congestion up for debate


Motorists could see up to 15 per cent more tolls on their roads in New South Wales, depending on what changes are made to the state’s transport infrastructure.

Key points: State to implement toll hikes on four major roads

New South Wales is one of 12 states to have passed legislation which would allow govern바카라ments to hike fees from 20 cents to 50 cents for motorists crossing major toll barriers.

Government to provide cost savings to bridge fund

Finance minister backs tolls hike, says tolls « are an effective tool ».

The state’s Minister for Road Safety, Andrew Constance, says it is « inevitable » tolls would rise, given NSW’s road tolls had declined since 2009, despite an average of seven cars on a toll highway across the state.

« In effect, we are proposing to bring tolls down and in effect raise the cost to pay for it. We’ve 카지노 사이트already done that, » Mr Con우리카지노stance said.

The government will introduce a bill in New South Wales on November 2 which will give the government another seven years to work through the details, he said.

The government has already raised some of the higher fees that motorists will pay, when the government brought in new roads and bridges in the state in 2011.

A number of states and territories have moved from paying tolls to passing laws requiring governments to fund tolls.

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