Man drowns at warrnambool beach: ‘I know he killed himself – I know it’

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Man drowns at warrnambool beach: ‘I know he killed himself – I know it’

‘No way’: A man in his 50s was swept away on Friday night after he jumped in the sea off Parramatta’s Westland Bay

A 50-year-old man, who was swept away by the tide, died later on Sunday.

His body was found at the southern end of St James Aquifer.

Police would not confirm the circumstances of his death but confirmed he was f더킹카지노rom St Albans in Westland.

A spokeswoman for Parramatta City Council said on Saturday he had drowned near Balmain.

He was described as being a Caucasian with short black hair.

« It appears to have b더킹카지노een a very recent tragedy, » the council spokeswoman, Karen Smith, said.

« He was walking back from having lunch when he lost his footing and slipped in the water.

« He is a wonderful man. He was someone 바카라사이트who cared and provided for his family in a way that I cannot imagine. »

Her colleague on the council, Paul Murnaghan, described him as « an honest, genuine person ».

« He was a great bloke, » the council employee said.

« There was not much I could do to help him save his life but he did it with his own hands. »

The victim’s sister said there was « no reason at all why he couldn’t have done this in a more suitable way ».

She told Australian Broadcasting Corporation he was a « very nice guy and very affectionate ».

An inquest into the man’s death will be held on Monday.