Survey finds farm confidence still faltering

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Survey finds farm confidence still faltering The survey has found farm confidence was still lagging compared to the general population of farmers in the region last October but the positiv올인 119e trend appears to be continuing, with confidence showing no further deterioration. Meanwhile, with just over half of those surveyed agreeing the country’s major agricultural policies are successful, and only one in four saying their farmers are still in ‘a good position’, the survey also found that the public is still highl카지노 게임y critical of the government’s farm policy. The poll also found that the country’s growing agrarian sector remains deeply in crisis, with just over one in five respondents saying their farm had grown in the last two years, with just under half saying a lack of planning or coordination meant they had not been able to grow their farm product successfully. The poll of 1,025 adults found: • The majority of those surveyed (63 per cent) are unhappy about the farming sector’s future • Only 14 per cent are optimistic about the future • In the past year more than nine in ten rural people (93 per cent) were worried they were likely to be affected by what they saw as poor farming conditions by 2014 • Around 30 per cent believed they would face financial hardship if there were negative developments in the country’s farming sector, and only 13 per cent said the same about other sectors • Almost half (45 per cent) believed the Government should encourage private producers and foreign investors to enter the sector, while 15 per cent would welcome help from public sector businesses to develop the sector • A우리 카지노 쿠폰bout eight out of 10 rural people said there are too few farms in the country • Despite optimism from the farmers, many still believe the government needs to improve its policy, and 43 per cent said they don’t think this will happen any time soon The survey was commissioned by the Government’s Farming Development Department and commissioned by the Royal Academy of Veterinary Surgeons’ Rural Health and Wellbeing Group. It also involved a representative sample of around 1,000 rural people,