Ombudsman urged to intervene in waterfront land row after complaints by environmental rights group

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Ombudsman urged to intervene in waterfront land row after complaints by environmental rights group Updated An international environmental campaigner has criticised Sydney Harbour Council for blocking more than 1,000 tonnes of marine litter on the NSW north shore. The council received more than 6,000 complaints about the rubbish collection scheme and it has now been forced to intervene on a more urgent basis. The Australian-backed activist group Sea Shepherd has raised concerns about the plan to remove about 1,000 containers of li아산안마tter to a new shipping terminal. The land is already surrounded by landfill and some experts are worried its removal would add to the land’s erosion and reduce habitat. Sydney Harbour Council said it would carefully inspect the 카지노propos에스엠 카지노ed rubbish dump site to ensure the trash was safe for disposal. But Sea Shepherd has accused the council of using a new and highly intrusive anti-smog policy that aims to reduce public confidence in the harbour. Sea Shepherd chief executive Paul Watson said the council had failed to properly consult with him before removing the rubbish. « We are deeply troubled that, at this stage, the NSW Council of Civil Defence appears to be using another method for removing marine litter at the Port of Sydney’s northern shore, » he said. He said in future, marine litter should be removed through a different strategy or approved by a State Government environmental expert. « The NSW State Government must take urgent action to ensure that environmental concerns are properly informed, and must put in place clear and robust safeguards to ensure citizens can trust their local authorities in these areas, » he said. Sydney Harbour Council’s executive director Robyn Hughes said on Monday that the council had taken « immediate measures to safeguard the safety of the harbour ». The council said it is « actively monitoring the situation » and will do what’s needed to ensure « safety and security ».