Saints march to super bowl upset

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Saints march to super bowl upset New coach Chip Kelly will likely lead the Ducks to the title again, but it’s hard to imagine how they would have gotten this far without him. That success and the way he handled everything — in spite of not winning a Super Bowl — seemed like the beginning of Kelly’s transformation into one of the best coaches ever. When a team gets into the end zone against the NFC champ Packers or the 전주출장마사지winner of the NFC West, the players have to respect it. That means giving up some points or playing sloppy defense. It’s a lesson Kelly showed up in Chicago, where he gave everything he had for the Bears and won it in a 16-4 triumph over the Cowboys, a team that was the biggest and meanest crowd to come out for a game in the team’s history. It’s a lesson that he showed up in Philadelphia with the Eagles, where he got them within striking distance of a Super Bowl with a 34-17 victory over the Cardinals. What he learned from those trips to the Super Bowl was that, yes, when he gets t도박he ball against the best teams on the field, he’s a winner. He might not win a Super Bowl next year, but he should be in one. He is the best. His teammates are the best. He’s the leader. He has every advantage of the best. No wonder he’s taking this team through the offseason to build it in the draft. He and the Eagles made it a point of emphasis to get draft picks next June. They want to give fans their first chance to cheer on one of the greatest coaches to ever work in the NFL when they take on the Broncos next season on Dec. 9. A few days before the 2012 NFL Draft, the Eagles gave out four free jerseys with the word « KICKER » at the front. The shirt, which is in black and red, had the name « Chip » at the front and « Eagles » on the back. The jersey includes one red strip that says « THE EAGLES ARE STICKING WITH KICKER. » (The « E » is missing the « D. ») Fans in the stands that night saw their first glimpse of Kelly. He smiled broadly. But he was confident in his ability to do something special. He’s already shown that ability by moving from Philadelphia to New York, where he went 5-11 in three seasons with the Giants. It worked.