Is there a lower incidence of cold and flu infections in tropics than in temperate regions

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Is there a lower incidence of cold and flu infections in tropics than in temperate regions? Do higher levels of ozone in the tropics, particularly in eastern Siberia, have any correlation to flu viruses? To answer these and other questions, we developed and tested a flu vaccine for both adults and children, all based on a recombinant vaccine that is suitable for use in the tropics and in temperate regions. The vaccine, RIF-049R, was designed specifically for use in temperate regions because of the reduced risk of the flu, particularly in the elderly. The vaccine targets the circulating immune cells and delivers a highly effective dose of purified recombinant flu virus. Using our influenza virus production assay, we estimated that an additional 10% of the vaccinated adults would have the flu vaccine that protects against influenza A, C, and D. To date, our evaluation of vaccine efficacy provides confidence that this vaccine is safe for healthy older adults. The use of this vaccine in adults should remain reserved for the highly immunocompromised elderly who require a more prolonged period of immunity before experiencing serious illness or disability. We believe that this vaccine would be recommended to older adults, but more rigorous testing may be necessary in future seasons to assess efficacy for use by adults younger than 65. Because influenza viruses circulate continuously throughout the world, t안산안마 안산출장안마he risk to adults from the virus is m김해출장샵uch greater than for children. Because of vaccine availability, there are also a number of strains of influenza viruses readily available in temperate regions.