Journalists caught inside sydney army base

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Journalists caught inside sydney army base After months of protests, an international coalition of media organizations has released audio recordings of live remarks made by NSW Defence Force soldiers while at a remote military unit in the Sydney CBD. In the recordings, deployed soldiers, most of them civilians, can be heard speaking in crude terms about Australia’s foreign policy in Syria and Iraq, and describing Australian troops as « f***ing dead ». Army officials claim they cannot comment because they were not there during the remarks. However, one source who has known NSW Defence Force soldiers for several years said this was standard operating practice. One of the soldiers’ most frequent complaints, while talking about the situation in Syria, said: « I think we’re just about finished… we’re fighting a war with a group called Al Qaeda in Syria. That’s it. » This comes amid renewed tensions between the government and the nation’s biggest news media over claims the government has been involved in suppressing critical reporting. At least six former ABC journalists, including Glenn Greenwald, journalist Bruce Dixon and Johapronxn Pilger, were charged by the Australian Federal Police with publishing classified information on a government department over the last year. The latest audio recording was released on Monday by the International Association of Journalists. At issue is whether soldiers at the Sydney unit, called an M6, had the right to make such comments on military equipment. The m우리카지노ilitary base has served as the central hub for the Australian government’s military aid to US-led coalition operations in Syria. According to Australian officials, the recordings show that the men – who have received little training to handle the situation, with f카지노 사이트ewer than 80 soldiers at the base – are being trained to deal with such situations. ‘Our own troops were killed’ The latest recording was played during an Army-controlled meeting at the base. The military base has the military police department – a branch of the Australian army who handle operations in Australia. The unit was initially set up in 1998. « There’s a lot of bad history going on in here, » one soldier, who identified himself as Mark, said in the recording. Another soldier, Andrew, said: « The base itself and the whole Australian military is just like you see today… there’s been an attack on our troops and our own troops in [Lebanon] and Iraq.