Pm proposes crackdown on illegitimate payments to unions in Greece

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Pm proposes crackdown on illegitimate payments to unions in Greece 10.05.2013 Eurozone leaders to propose a general crackdown on illegit에볼루션 카지노imate payments to unions in Greece today, but officials say that while the EU is prepared to implement such measures, such a move is not a precondition. EURACTIV Greece reports. 09.20.2013 The ECB is now ready to accept Greece’s €1.5 trillion offer on Friday after Greece accepted it to help its banks with the rescue process. EURACTIV Greece reports. 09.01.2013 Greek government today announced that the country has accepted an offer from the ECB of €1.5trn to help bail out Greek banks. 08.30.2013 Greek government will accept Greek banks’ offer of €1.5trn from international community to help bail out their banks, minister광주출장샵 of finance Panos Kammenos has said. Mr Kammenos said that the decision on whether to accept the offer, which the country submitted in advance to the ECB, will be made shortly. Greece’s finance minister Panos Kammenos attends a news conference after meeting with eurozone finance ministers at a meeting in Frankfurt, Germany, Friday, Sept. 28, 2013. The EU will decide on whether to accept Greece’s €1.5 trillion rescue offer to help it recover from the worst banking crisis since the crisis began in December 2009. (AP Photo/F에볼루션 카지노abrizio Bensch) 07.07.2013 In the face of the eurozone’s crisis, Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos has urged investors to hold their fire and to refuse to lend money to banks when they are in trouble. 07.05.2013 EU’s top bankers have met with Greece’s finance minister to discuss how to help restore some of the country’s financial stability. 06.28.2013 Greece’s government has signed a deal to keep the country afloat for as long as it can, but the country faces a potential €1.5trn default if it does not get the money. EU banks are reportedly prepared to accept up to €1.8trn if that goes ahead. EURACTIV Greece reports. 06.17.2013 European leaders are expected to make a decision on whether the country is going to accept the €1.5trn offer from international lenders as they meet at an emergency eurogroup meeting in Brussels on Saturday.