Abc welcomes multi million dollar funding pledge

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Abc welcomes multi million dollar funding pledge By David Johnston The Federal Government has raised $35 million in concessional funding for a new anti-drug research initiative by setting up Australia’s largest anti-progressive drug research fund. The funding will provide funding and expertise to conduct evidence-based research on cannabis and related compounds. The funding will be available to research institutions all over Australia and to academic researcher예스카지노s for two years. The Government has also committed to creating the largest new dedicated fund for research into prescription opioid drugs – the new Prescription Drug Australia Fund (PDAI). The fund will be $70 million. The Drug Policy Foundation is the new corporate sponsor of the program. The foundation was formed from the merger of the Labor Party of Queensland and th바카라e Pharmaceutical Research Council of Australia in 2002. Mr Newman said the $35 million new initiative would allow the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to further develop the nation’s drug discovery program. « These new resources will enable us to continue our ongoing drug research while remaining on the frontline of drug policy, » he said. Mr Newman also announced the creation of a new Depar바카라tment of Health ‘Drug Advisory Committee’ to advise both the PM’s office and the Treasurer on drug policy issues. The committee will focus on drugs related prevention (RAP) and on the management of addiction disorders, the latter of which will include the introduction of mandatory rehabilitation centres, more funding for drug addiction services and evidence-based treatment programs for those currently receiving treatment. Mr Newman’s office said the Cabinet has made arrangements to provide the new committee with additional expertise, including a team of expert psychiatrists. Dr Mark Drapkin, executive director of the National Institute for Health and Welfare’s Centre for Policy on Substance Use, said the Government had made the move to build capacity in the region to study the benefits of medical cannabis. « The new funding would allow us to offer our expertise to work collaboratively with the NHMRC and support the NHMRC’s ongoing efforts to study, prepare and publish evidence based guidelines for medical marijuana, which would be published by our research partner in the US. » National Drug Strategy (2006 – 2016) The National Drug Strategy (2006-2016) was launched in June 2006 with the objective of setting out Australia’s goals and policies regarding illicit drugs, violence and law enforcement.